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This series is complete and available in digital, print, or audio formats.

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The plan seemed simple.

1. Run away from home.

2. Go to college.

3. Pretend I wasn't raised to control silver with magic, dance around a fire under a full moon, or guard the barriers between lupines and clueless humans.

And for a while, it was  simple. Then, Tobias Somfield had to walk into that alley and into my life, with his English swagger and his sorrowful tale of woe. Sure, the lone werewolf may have come to my rescue, but that doesn't mean I owe him anything, right? Even if his mate was kidnapped and I'm the only one in Chicago with the skills, connections, and know-how needed to help find and free her.


Come on! I'm only one little red hood in a big, dangerous city ruled by vampires. What am I supposed to do, stake my way to a rescue? Take on older, stronger supes who could literally eat me for breakfast? Miss my finals to go play heroine and save the day?

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Kendrai Meeks.jpg
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Kendrai Meeks.jpg
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