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enter the kingdom

If they never look your way, they never see you coming.

Cindira Tieg has no interest in following in her mother's footsteps, not that she could come close to filling those shoes. The VR environment Omala created saved civilization from the brink of ruin, moving human warfare and peacekeeping online. No more death in battle, no more destroying the environment. No more weapons. Now, years after Omala's death, that same code powers The Kingdom, an opulent and exclusive vreal world platform where the rich, famous, and powerful play out their fairytale-inspired fantasies...and conspire to rule the world.

Not her concern. Cindira just cleans up any dirty code that surfaces and does whatever it takes to avoid her father's disapproval. But when a detective shows up looking to expose The Kingdom's dirty underbelly, Cindira will have to decide between protecting her remaining family, or rescuing her dead mother's legacy... hopefully without needing rescue herself. Soon she discovers that VR holds greater and darker truths than she ever could have imagined.

MISTRESS OF CINDERS is a VR Sci-Fi Thriller from the author of the bestselling RED CHRONICLES.


She has the power.

All she has to do is play the game.

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series information

  • Authored by Kendrai Meeks.

  • Series includes one novel, one prequel short story, and one side story novella. The final novel in the series is anticipated in November 2022.

  • As of February 2020, available electronically exclusively from Amazon (for purchase or via Kindle Unlimited). Available as well in print in other venues.

  • Cover design of Mistress of Cinders by MIBL Art. TNP has retained licenses for the use of RFA where required.

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