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Kendrai Meeks

I was deported from the American Midwest after graduating college, and held against my will since in California. I detest sarcasm. I became a published author in 2011, and  put out nine books in romance and science fiction. In 2017, I decided to return to my first love, urban fantasy. I've been a featured speaker on a number of conference and industry panels on topics ranging from Fanfiction, to Audiobooks, to Serialized Fiction. I'm a world music devotee and I love to travel (just hate to fly – a conflict, for certain). I enjoy twisting the extant into the exceptional, often basing works on historical themes or legendary folk tales and mythology.

I think "BLOG" is the worst of all four-lettered words, but I occasionally have been known to do it. If you'd like to see my random musings, find my page on Medium



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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