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The Complete Series, now available as a single audiobook!


She found the cracks in the code, but can she slip past them and save the Prince before it's too late? 

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Mythpunked Urban Fantasy

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Geri may just be able to save the lone werewolf who shows up at her  door... if they don't kill each other first. 

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The Red Chronicles


Science Fiction


If they never look your way, they never see you coming. The secrets to survival are in the code. So, too, are the roots of destruction.

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Enter the Kingdom

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Historical Fantasy with a romantic (and tragic) twist

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Everyone know her name, but no one knows the truth. When a Red Hood meets a King Werewolf, the consequences will be legendary. 

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Red Origins

Paranormal Romance


Co-authored with Killian McRae

The Vampiric Rulers of Europe still keep the old ways, but even a sovereign must bend a knee to the human heart. 

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Vampire Sovereigns

About the author

Kendrai Meeks was deported from the American Midwest after graduating college, and held against her will since in California. She really hates sarcasm. She first published in 2011, and released ten romance and science fiction titles under the pen names Killian McRae and Mari K. Cicero. In 2017, she decided to return to her first loves, urban fantasy and science fiction. She has been a featured speaker on a number of conference and industry panels on topics ranging from Fanfiction, to Audiobooks, to Serialized Fiction. She is a world music devotee and loves to travel (just hates to fly – a conflict, for certain). She enjoys twisting the extant into the exceptional, often basing her work on historical themes or legendary folk tales and mythology.

She believes in the Oxford comma. She feels every author ought to include this information in his or her bio.

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